Misconduct is a natural occurrence in sports. While you might not see misconduct occurring in every type of sport, for instance misconduct rarely occurs in the world of track and field. Nonetheless misconduct is a big part of sports unfortunately. We've just come to accept that bad behaviour is normal in sports and in some sports that are always being watched on the TV such as football, mixed martial arts or hockey, misconduct is what makes that sport popular or at least captures the crowds attention.

Tune into any telecast of one of the four major sports leagues (baseball, hockey, basketball, and football) and there's a good chance you might see some delinquent behaviour taking place. In hockey that could be a cross check to the back or a fight between two goons. In baseball it could be a hit batter charging the mound to go after the pitcher that hit him in the first place. In basketball it could be a player bumping up against an official for making what they perceived to be a bad call. In football it could be a defensive lineman hitting the quarterback illegally after the ball had been ruled "dead."

We've only given you one or two examples for each sport but we probably could have given you hundreds of them and so too could your friend, neighbour or family member. The thing you need to realize when it comes to sports is that misconduct is a regular part of the game. Sports fans enjoy watching athletes do things they shouldn't do and when it comes to a sport like football, which some consider to be the most popular sport in North America, violence is what makes that sport so popular with the sports watching masses.

While athletes are trained to take part in vigorous sporting activities that they participate it on a daily or weekly basis it can become a concern. The danger in that is raising a child who plays team sports at the Pee Wee or high school level where they imitate something they saw their sports icon do on TV. That can lead to serious injury and something you need to warn your children about if you don't want them to cause bodily harm on another child or come home with a concussion. Playing sports is dangerous, even more so if proper training isn't involved so you should spend less time scoping out professional games and more time teaching your sports playing son or daughter how to not be called for misconduct while playing sports.

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